Senior Program

The senior football development program will deliver positive experiences for the players and coaches.

To this end the Senior Development program will ensure players have the opportunity to work one on one with the Football Development Coach to develop themselves into the best footballer they can possibly be.
The premise of this is that players can work on a particular facet of their game that is outside of the realm of the head coach being able to work on at the designated trainings twice a week. This will be achieved by the players identifying at least one facet of their game that they would like to improve on. Players will then be directed to approach the football development coach with this area, and a plan can be set up for the development to occur between both parties.

This increases the opportunity to train players on an individual basis to improve things such as skills or football smarts and will benefit the individual, the team and the coaches across the season. Importantly it will enable the coaches to concentrate on team structures without compromising individual growth.

Training Night
The follow resources are the ideal aim

  • Football development coach will be available for at least one training night/week.
  • Assistant coaches are also available to assist with skill work at training nights with or in absence of football development coach.
  • Football Development coach on game day to specifically watch individual players he has been working with to provide feedback to the player and coach
  • The Head Coach has the ability to refer any player to the development coach if she sees fit.