Senior Mentor Program

The senior mentors are paired with a talented junior who has been identified with the potential to play Senior football in 2-3 years . The mentor will develop a program for the junior to improve their skills, fitness and game play to fast track them to Senior football. This intensive program will see the junior learn from a highly experienced senior player.

Selection Criteria for participation in Senior Mentor Leadership Pathways Programs

Junior players selected for the program by Invitation only. The criteria they will be assessed by will include;

  • Football talent – should have the ability to play VFL State football in the next 2-3 years
  • Leadership Potential
  • Professionalism in the way they approach training and game day
  • Respectful to coaches, players
Senior Mentor Skill set
  • The senior mentors will have the capacity to coach, mentor and be committed to the program. The senior players can be current or retired players. The mentors will have played Premier, State and/or AFL.
  • Ideally each player is mentored by a senior player who is the same type of player, e.g., ruck to ruck, midfield to midfield. This is not critical.
Selection Panel to select Mentors and Juniors

The selection panel for the Senior Mentor Leadership Program will comprise;