Junior Program

The junior football development program will deliver positive experiences for the coaches, players and parents. The program will be well run and ensure support for the coaches and that juniors continue to improve their skills.

To this end the Junior Development program will ensure coaches are well supported, then this increases the opportunity to train players and ensure individual skills are improved across a season. As importantly it will enable coaches to implement game plans and achieve a higher level of personal success.

Age Group Development Focus

Under 10 100% Skills
Under 12 90% Skills Only, 10% game plan
Under 14 80% Skills, 20% game plan
Under 16 70% Skills, 30% game plan
Under 18 50% Skills, 50% game plan

Training Night

The follow resources are the ideal aim;

  • Assistant Coach for at least one training night/week
  • At least two parents to run basic skill sessions for at least one night/week. We would love to have more parents if they are available. Please contact the Assistant Coach to offer to help.
  • Once a month, selected older age juniors will participate in the assisting the Coaches.

The coach will organise the training sessions and direct the Assistant Coaches and parents on how to conduct their training sessions.

This structure will enable the parents to improve the kicking, handball and marking of individual players. In this way the players with that need to improve their skills will receive more intensive training and improve faster and enjoy football more.

The coach and assistant coach are then freed up to implement more complex drills or team game plan.