About our RMIT Alliance

DCWFC has a number of Alliances with key companies and Institutions. These Alliances increase the operational resources available for the Club and provide greater support for our players. These Alliances see the provision of expert services, facilities and strategic thinking that increases the professional outcome for DCWFC. We value these Alliances and our Alliance partners

RMIT University is dedicated to creating life changing educational experiences, which prepares students for life and work. We are proud of our long association with the Diamond Creek Womens Football club and thrilled that our students can experience AFL Football at such a professional club.

  • Players – RMIT students are recruited to play at the Club. There are many players who have come from RMIT and a number of these have stayed with the Club when their studies are finished. DCWFC offers RMIT students lower Registration Fees.
  • Facilities – DCWFC use the running track and soccer field as part of our preseason training campaign. These facilities are excellent and it enables DCWFC Coaches to vary training programs for our players.
  • Exercise & Sports Science Interns – DCWFC host student Interns from Exercise & Sports Science who are exposed to some of the best women footballers in the country. The Interns work closely with the Senior DCWFC Coaching group and are able learn and participate in developing structured programs as part of their studies.